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War on Everyone

War_on_EveryoneWar on Everyone


War on Everyone new movies Terry Monroe and Bob Bolaño, two corrupt cops, return to the Albuquerque police force after being suspended for assaulting a racist coworker. War on Everyone new movies Bolaño and Monroe regularly rob and extort criminals, accept bribes, and take drugs. While surveilling small time thieves, the two come to believe Jimmy Harris, a local criminal, is planning a heist. War on Everyone new movies They contact one of Harris’ former associates, Reggie, and coerce him into revealing information by threatening to falsely arrest him. Reggie and his friend, Irishman Pádraic Power, identify Clifford Reynard, a getaway driver, and tell them Harris’ girlfriend, Jackie Hollis, used to dance at a strip club owned by Russell Birdwell. Birdwell, though suspicious, reveals Hollis’ address. War on Everyone new movies After bursting into Harris’ house and knocking him out, they extort several expensive possessions. War on Everyone new movies


  • Alexander Skarsgård as Detective Terry Monroe
  • Michael Peña as Detective Bob Bolaño
  • Theo James as Lord James Mangan
  • Malcolm Barrett as Reggie War on Everyone new movies
  • Tessa Thompson as Jackie Hollis
  • Caleb Landry Jones as Birdwell
  • Paul Reiser as Lieutenant Gerry Stanton
  • Stephanie Sigman as Delores War on Everyone new movies
  • David Wilmot as Pádraic Power
  • Derrick Barry as Kimberly War on Everyone new movies

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