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War Machine

War_Machine_2017War Machine (2017)

Story Line

War Machine Full Movie Online Free In the summer of 2009, four-star General Glen McMahon (Brad Pitt), having won renown for his effective leadership in Iraq, is sent to Afghanistan to prepare an assessment so that the government can end the ongoing war. War Machine Full Movie Online Free He is given wide latitudes to write it, on the sole condition that he not request more troops. McMahon and his staff, particularly his right hand man Major General Greg Pulver (Anthony Michael Hall), are united in their belief that the war can be won, War Machine Full Movie Online Free and decide to recommend that President Obama authorize a surge of 40,000 additional troops to secure Helmand province in order to stabilize the country. However, the Secretary of State (Sian Thomas) informs McMahon that his report will not be reviewed until after the upcoming presidential election. War Machine Full Movie Online Free


McMahon’s Entourage

  • Brad Pitt as General Glen McMahon, a character based on General Stanley McChrystal. He is portrayed as an accomplished general with degrees from West Point and Yale[8] brought in to bring a resolution to the conflict in Afghanistan. War Machine Full Movie Online Free
  • Anthony Hayes as Lieutenant Commander Pete Duckman, a Navy SEAL and member of McMahon’s staff, possibly based on Navy SEAL David Silverman.
  • Emory Cohen as Sgt. Willy Dunne, General McMahon’s body man.
  • RJ Cyler as USAF Tech Sgt. Andy Moon, information technology support assistant.
  • Daniel Betts as USN Rear Admiral Simon Ball, McMahon’s Senior Public Affairs Officer.
  • Topher Grace as Matt Little, a former lobbyist turned McMahon’s civilian media adviser.
  • Anthony Michael Hall as Major General Greg Pulver, ISAF Director of Intelligence, loosely based on Lt. General Michael Flynn. War Machine Full Movie Online Free
  • John Magaro as Colonel Cory Staggart, an Army Ranger and General McMahon’s executive officer.
  • Aymen Hamdouchi as Captain Badi Basim, a scholarly Afghan National Army officer who becomes General McMahon’s aide de camp.
  • Scoot McNairy as Sean Cullen, a cynical journalist for Rolling Stone who accompanies McMahon and his staff and acts as narrator throughout the film, loosely based on author Michael Hastings.
  • Meg Tilly as Jeanie McMahon, McMahon’s wife. War Machine Full Movie Online Free

U.S. Diplomats

  • Sian Thomas as United States Secretary of State Edith May, based on Hillary Rodham Clinton
  • Alan Ruck as Pat McKinnon, United States Ambassador to Afghanistan, loosely based on Karl Eikenberry.
  • Nicholas Jones as Dick Waddle, loosely based on Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke. War Machine Full Movie Online Free
  • Griffin Dunne as Ray Canucci, a United States Department of State senior official.


  • Ben Kingsley as President Hamid Karzai
  • Reggie Brown as President Barack Obama
  • Tilda Swinton as a German politician War Machine Full Movie Online Free

Combat Marines

  • Will Poulter as Sgt. Ricky Ortega, a Marine Corps infantry squad leader.
  • Lakeith Stanfield as Cpl. Billy Cole, a disillusioned Marine and member of Ortega’s squad.
  • Josh Stewart as Captain Dick North, a Marine Corps officer. War Machine Full Movie Online Free

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