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The_Recall_2017The Recall (2017) Free Movie Download

Story Line

Aliens come to Earth, beam some humans onto their spaceships, and go down to the surface looking for other people. A group of children run from the aliens, The Recall Free Movie Download and meet a former astronaut who was abducted and experimented upon by the aliens years ago. He explains that the aliens have visited Earth several times in the distant past, and have guided the evolution of life on Earth. He’s been preparing for their return, and he ambushes some of the aliens. The Recall Free Movie Download The children all end up being taken to the spaceship where they are among a few thousand humans who are abducted, then returned to Earth. The government declares that it’s going to put the abductees in quarantine when they return, but it ends up trying to kill them. However, the children survive the government attack due to the superpowers they were given by the aliens. The Recall Free Movie Download



  • Wesley Snipes as “The Hunter”
  • RJ Mitte as Brendan
  • Jedidiah Goodacre as Charlie
  • Niko Pepaj as Rob
  • Laura Bilgeri as Annie
  • Hanna Rose May as Kara
  • Sean Millington as Colonel McAllen
  • Graham Shiels as Prisoner Romanovich
  • Viccellous Reon Shannon as Astronaut Jackson

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