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Insidious The Last Key (2018)

Genere:                    Hollywood, Horror, Thriller Insidious_The_Last_Key_hindi_video
Screen Play:             Leigh Whannell
Released Date:        January 5, 2018
Country:                   USA
Director:                  Adam Robitel
Producers:               Jason Blum, Oren Peli, James Wan, Leigh Whannell
Box Office:             $167.7 million

Budget:             $10 million
Run Time:                103 minutes
IMDb Ratings:        5.7/10

Insidious The Last Key New Movies Brilliant parapsychologist Elise Rainier receives a disturbing phone call from a man who claims that his house is haunted. Insidious The Last Key Watch hindi dubbed Online Movies Even more disturbing is the address 413 Apple Tree Lane in Five Keys, N.M. the home where Elise grew up as a child. Accompanied by her two investigative partners, Rainier travels to Five Keys to confront and destroy her greatest fear the demon that she accidentally set free years earlier. Insidious The Last Key Free Online Movies

  • Lin Shaye as Elise Rainier
  • Ava Kolker as Young Elise Rainier
  • Hana Hayes as Teenage Elise Rainier
  • Angus Sampson as Tucker
  • Leigh Whannell as Specs
  • Spencer Locke as Melissa Rainier, Elise’s niece and Christian’s youngest daughter.
  • Caitlin Gerard as Imogen Rainier, Elise’s niece and Christian’s eldest daughter. She has inherited the gift that Elise also holds.
  • Bruce Davison as Christian Rainier, Elise’s estranged younger brother.
  • Pierce Pope as Young Christian Rainier
  • Thomas Robie as Teenage Christian Rainier
  • Josh Stewart as Gerald Rainier, Elise’s abusive father and Aubrey’s husband.
  • Kirk Acevedo as Ted Garza, a man who makes residence in Elise’s old home and calls for her help.
  • Tessa Ferrer as Audrey Rainier, Elise’s mother and Gerald’s wife.
  • Aleque Reid as Anna
  • Marcus Henderson as Detective Whitfield
  • Amanda Jaros as Mara Jennings
  • Javier Botet as Key Face
  • Joseph Bishara as Lipstick-Face Demon

Additionally, Ty Simpkins, Rose Byrne, and Patrick Wilson reprise their roles as Dalton Lambert, Renai Lambert, and Josh Lambert, respectively, from the first two films, in archive footage.

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