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Home Again

Home_Again_2017Home Again 2017

Story Line

Recently separated from her husband, Home Again 2017 Watch Movies Online Free Alice Kinney decides to start over by moving back to Los Angeles with her two daughters. While celebrating her 40th birthday, Alice meets Harry, George and Teddy, three young filmmakers who need a place to live. Complications soon arise when she agrees to let the men stay in her guesthouse temporarily. As Alice develops a budding romance with Harry, her newfound happiness comes crashing down when her ex shows up with a suitcase in his hand. Home Again 2017 Watch Movies Online Free




  • Reese Witherspoon as Alice Kinney, Austen’s wife and Isabel and Rosie’s mother, a mother of two, recently separated from her husband and trying to start an interior design business
  • Pico Alexander as Harry Dorsey, Alice’s love interest, Teddy’s brother and one of three aspiring filmmakers Alice meets on her birthday, acting as their short film’s director
  • Jon Rudnitsky as George Appleton, a perceptive scriptwriter who forms a bond with Isabel and is also in love with Alice Home Again 2017 Watch Movies Online Free
  • Nat Wolff as Teddy Dorsey, Harry’s brother, and the lead actor in the trio’s film
  • Michael Sheen as Austen Blume, Alice’s estranged New-York-based record producer husband and Isabel and Rosie’s father Home Again 2017 Watch Movies Online Free
  • Candice Bergen as Lillian Stewart, Alice’s mother and a former actress.
  • Lake Bell as Zoey Bell, a client of Alice’s nascent interior design business
  • Reid Scott as Justin Miller, a film director interested in making the trio’s short into a feature
  • Lola Flanery as Isabel Blume-Kinney, Austen and Alice’s elder daughter and Rosie’s sister, who experiences anxiety about her new school
  • Eden Grace Redfield as Rosie Blume-Kinney, Austen and Alice’s younger daughter and Isabel’s sister
  • Dolly Wells as Tracy, Alice’s best friend Home Again 2017 Watch Movies Online Free
  • Jen Kirkman as Kori, Alice’s friend

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