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Half Girlfriend

Half_Girlfriend_2017Half Girlfriend (2017)


Half Girlfriend (2017) free movie download Madhav Jha (Arjun Kapoor) arrives at the former apartment of Riya Somani (Shraddha Kapoor), to collect her belongings, since she has moved out and left no forwarding address. Whilst on the train to Riyas’s home in New Delhi, Madhav finds Riya’s cell phone amongst her belongings, which contains a video recording. Half Girlfriend (2017) free movie download The video shows Riya helping Madhav to prepare for an English language speech. As Riya asks Madhav to speak in English, the story is retold in flashback when Madhav was asked by professors at St. Steven’s College to speak English in his entrance interview. Half Girlfriend (2017) free movie download



  • Arjun Kapoor as Madhav Jha, a poor boy from Bihar who hardly knows to speak English and ends up attracting towards Riya Somani.
  • Shraddha Kapoor as Riya Somani, a rich girl from Delhi who comes from an entrepreneur background. A singer, she loves to enjoy her own company and sings at a bar in New York. Half Girlfriend (2017) free movie download
  • Vikrant Massey as Shailesh, Madhav’s college mate who is protective of him.
  • Rhea Chakraborty as Anshika, who loves Madhav but let him go to Riya.
  • Seema Biswas as Madhav’s Mother, who runs a school in Bihar.
  • Anisa Butt as Rutvi, Sailesh’s Wife Half Girlfriend (2017) free movie download
  • Adam Davenport as Bar Owner in New York City, USA
  • Dalip Sondhi as Mr. Somani/ Riya’s Father
  • Sujata Sehgal as Mrs. Somani/ Riya’s Mother
  • Tvisha Shah as Tvisha Jha/ Daughter of Riya and Madhav
  • Kashvi Kothari as Shabnam/ a village girl Half Girlfriend (2017) free movie download

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