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1921 (2018) Full Movie Download

Genere:                  Horror, Romance, Thriller1921_horror_scary_bollywood
Screen Play:          Vikram Bhatt  
Released Date:      January 12, 2018
Country:                 India
Director:                Vikram Bhatt
Producers:              Vikram Bhatt
Box Office:            Indian Rupees 22.74 cror
Budget:                   Indian Rupees 15 cror
Run Time:               144 minutes
IMDb Ratings:        4.3/10

1921 opens in 1927 England, with pianist Ayush (Karan Kundra) 1921 bollywood movies download who is addicted to alcohol slashing off his wrists before a grand performance. Flashback and he arrives freshly off the shores of Mumbai (erstwhile Bombay) to master his craft at the York Music School. One night, while going over his notations, a door of his Victorian guest house mysteriously cranks open. 1921 bollywood movies download

Outside the window, across the moonlit lawn, a spirit skirts the air. Inside, more doors open, a blackened ghost with mini-bulb eyes tip-toes across the hall, and thunderous jump scares paint a perennial unease on Kundra’s puckered lips.Enters Zareen Khan, playing a mystery babe named Rose. Rose can communicate with ghosts and spirits who have unfinished business on Earth. Many of them simply want their unpaid cheques but, Rose is too naïve and trusting for that. “Why don’t you show your face?” She shouts at a shapeless entity, then promptly repeats her lines. 1921 bollywood movies download

Slowly, Ayush and Rose peel the layers of this vintage horror-romance. Dark secrets are revealed, complete with lavish and unwarranted songs. More doors open onto nothingness, and devilish laughter fills the countryside.  1921 bollywood movies download

  • Zareen Khan as Rose
  • Karan Kundra as Ayush
  • Nidhi Chitrakar as Nafisa
  • Aradhya Taing as Vasudha
  • Angela Krislinzki as Tina / Meher Wadia
  • Toby Hinson as Mr Brett
  • Sonnia Armstrong as Lilly Lopez
  • Michael Edwards as Richard
  • Vikram Bhatt as Mr. Wadia



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